I started going to boot camp several months ago and I love it! It's exhausting when you're actually working out, but when you finish and cool down you feel relaxed and really good for getting up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and exercising rather than just sleeping the morning away. Everyone who turns up is really friendly and it's nice meeting new people when we do group exercises or go to Wholefoods afterwards. David, who runs it, is also really encouraging, his words are inspiring, and he really makes you feel good and proud of yourself for working out!

Yasmin L.

What not to like about the Neighbourhood Bootcamp...? Great Coaches, nice people, free (no, really: free and I would certainly pay for this quality), human size event, getting back in shape, I mean it: shape. Whether full time warrior (Me now) or sofa surfer (Me when I started), they will get the best out of you. Boot camp is the best thing that happened to me in years. Thank you so much guys. 


I attended my first bootcamp session today and absolutely loved it! David is a very friendly and motivating coach and the session is suitable for all fitness levels. I was nervous about going but I'll definitely be attending again and I highly recommend it to everyone! 


Thank you David. I really enjoyed the session. It was demanding but fun and David's motivating words helped me keep on going when I wanted to stop. A wonderful way to start the weekend and meet new people. I will definitely be back. 


 I've been coming to the Bootcamp sessions on and off for about 9 months as part of my running training plan and they have given my fitness a huge boost - in that time I've improved my 10k and marathon PBs and I'm also more motivated and work harder during my other training sessions. The sessions are different each week so plenty of variation in the exercises. For runners this is a great way of getting in that core / cross training that we should all be doing more of as well as hard interval training. But also lots of bodyweight exercises so plenty there for non-runners as well. David has a highly motivating coaching style and will help you get the best from the session. Would recommend anyone giving this a try 


 I attended a Transformers bootcamp session around 6 months ago & I can honestly say it was one of my better life choices. David who runs the sessions is an amazing individual & personal trainer. He brings the fun back into exercising & at the same time has the ability to push each individual to go further than what one would normally do. David creates a fantastic vibe within the group & it’s one that will have you coming back for more. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions he plans which constantly change & push you further along your fitness path. I truly feel blessed to have found such an incredible exercise regime and it’s all down to this wonderful guy. Thank you David 


This week would be my 3rd time going to this boot camp. It's great to workout outdoors with nice bunch of people and a great trainer. Highly recommended for those who want to stay fit/lose weight while having great time


I've done athletics all my life. I've never gone to group fitness classes before as I always played team sports or could motivate myself to go to the gym or for a run - I thought there was no point spending the time travelling to a class as I could more efficiently work out on my own. I've been coming to these bootcamps for a year now and they're incredible. They motivate me to work far, far harder than I'd do myself. David is a superb coach, who gets 100% out of you, regardless of whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned athlete. But, most importantly, it's fun. The workouts are never the same, the atmosphere is positive and upbeat (even though you're sweating buckets), and everyone is friendly and welcoming.


I joined the bootcamp 8 months ago and it changed totally my way to train and also my weekends. It is a really nice way to start the weekend and since I started I do so much more during my weekends! I felt a lot healthier so i joined the transformers. I really struggled to loose a few kilos that I put on after starting a new job and thanks to the transformers I lost 9kg in 6 months and I'm still seeing my body changing week after week. I always trained at my gym but David training makes you have quicker and better results. I also met nice people and training with a nice group is a lot more fun!! Thanks David for this !!!! Your bootcamp are now my drug and I think I'm not the only bootcamp drugged 🙂

Amina B.

Bootcamp is fantastic! It brings together so much positive energy that makes you want to transform your lifestyle (bootcamp is provided by an organisation called Transformers). Bootcamp is amazing for me because it supports me maintain a healthy lifesty, work out in nature (which is hard in London) and be surrounded by fantastic inspiring people. I have been going for over a year now and I can clearly see the results (just ran my best 5k ever this weekend), but I feel much better as well. Whether you are a professional athlete or just somebody who has a gym membership but can't find the courage to work out, by joining bootcamp you will not only feel fitter, you also join a community of great people. If there is one thing I would recommend anybody in London it is to try a bootcamp session at least once! Amazing experience! 

Pieter V.

 I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of something being offered for free. I wasn't disappointed... it was a great fitness class, which could easily cost £10-15. No sales pitch, which is what I was expecting. David is simply incredible. He has so much passion for helping people. So for me, the reason I want to attend again, isn't just about fitness. I learned more about the heart of giving, sense of community and am inspired by David's generousity. Plus, the people there were really cool, and the lunch was a great way to meet more likeminded people. Thanks so much David for your time, you are amazing!


Love the fat burning boot camp great way to kick start the wend and regain my fitness. Look fwd to seeing you next wend.


This group is A W E S O M E! David is a very approachable and competent guy. When you are out of breath he won't push you to continue! It was my very first time and I found a family! I will definitely be going again next Sunday! Thank you from the very heart David, you R O CK !


Boot camp is the highlight of my week! David is a very dedicated, encouraging trainer and the group is great. Going for breakfast together afterwards is a nice touch too, and is a chance to get to know everyone else.


 Went to first bootcamp on Sunday 1st Nov 2015- never done one of these before- really liked it. David, the coach was excellent- friendly, good motivator and personable- not overbearing or pushy. Would really recommend it to others. Didn't have time to join everyone at the breakfast after but they all seemed really easy going. It caters for all levels- so wouldn't worry if you don't think you aren't the fittest! I missed out a few of the exercises trying to catch my breath! 


These workouts are the best thing - they are both challenging and fun, and also social as most people head for a good lunch after the sessions. Sessions are varied and you will really get the "runner's high" every time, which is a great feeling! Highly recommended for anyone at all levels.


I've been going since November 2013 and am now in the best shape of my life, everyone is friendly and the trainers are the best. Fitness and Fun in one pretty much wraps it up